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On this site you will find :

  1. on-line material developed while I was at the IUFM de Versailles, consisting of :

  2. online material for English classes at the Université de Paris 8.
  3. a selection of my academic articles in the areas of crime and deviance, literature, visual arts or anthropological discourse.
  4. a selection of other writings
  5. a set of pointers to non-Nativist linguistics and psycholinguistics - a page entitled 'Could Chomsky be Wrong?'
  6. a page of links on the history of Anthropology.

Liens pour enseignants Sections Européennes (Histoire)

1. The Virtual Library History Index may be the only address you need ; its ambition is to bring together links to all the best sites dealing in matters historical. At the moment of this writing, you will find over 800 links to sites on the history of France

2. The Victorian Web ; excellent for all aspects of nineteenth century English history, created by Goerge P. Landow of Brown University. Intended to provide resources for teachers and students of Victorian literature, it is also of interest to historians.

3. The History Channel is the web-site set up by the television company of the same name. A lot of resources can be found there - mainly North American.

4. For Medieval History, go to Paul Halsall's Sourcebook - a first-rate site.

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